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Frequently asked questions

Content marketing  is the type of marketing that focuses on the consumer’s needs rather than pushing forward the products or services one sells. The goal of the content is to educate or inform potential customers and engage audiences. By offering helpful information to the audience for free, a relationship  based on trust is built over time. Content Marketing is an investment in this relationship that eventually transforms “readers” into customers.

Generally speaking, content is any useful/valuable information transmitted through any channel. More specifically, the most popular types of content are blog posts/articles, social media posts, webinars, videos, eBooks, podcasts, case studies, white papers and so on.

Content Marketing is crucial for a wide range of businesses, especially for the online ones. However, there are also categories of businesses too for which this type of marketing is less effective, if at all.

It depends on the type of your business and on your target audience. There is no need to use all media channels to share the content that you want to offer. Bear in mind that you should be there where your possible customers are. 

No, there are currently no open positions at Velvet Content Agency.